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Welcome to Shifa Medical Clinic!

We offer Public walk-in without appointments.
Our family physicians are here to help with your medical needs.


Shifa Medical Clinic (Edmonton) is accepting new patients! 

 Male and Female Physicians are available 


Family practice at our clinic means our wish for you and your family to have access to comprehensive and complete care over your time in our city. This is offered through the skills of our family physicians and the health care workers at our clinic. Part of our care approach is to build a great and effective doctor-patient relationship. This takes time, and your relationship with your primary physician should be a comfortable one allowing the physician to get an in-depth understanding of your medical history.


When your primary physician is not available for an appointment, another physician on call, who has been given access to your records, will be able to assist you by appointment or through our walk-in medical clinic.


To schedule an appointment with your primary physician, call us at 780.487.7713

Family Practice at Shifa Medical Clinic

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